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Every person encounters difficult moments throughout his life that requires guidance and assistance in order that he/she will be able to return to and go about his routines with peace and tranquility. Generally speaking, difficulties are personal and arise from health problems, married couple interaction, love, family, job, a traumatic experience and the list goes on and on.

Today we can receive the Rebbe Shlita King Messiah’s advice, blessing and guidance through the “Igrot Kodesh”. Those who turn to the Rebbe Shlita via this channel receive immediate answers with amazing precision and merit assistance at no charge and completely confidential.

One washes both hands without a blessing, three times on both hands alternately, starting from the right hand, then the left and back again to the right. This is done in order to purify the body and soul before submitting a request. Write whatever is in your heart in any language on the application for requesting a blessing.

It’s important for the person requesting a blessing to write the full Jewish name and the name of his/her mother. Judaism declares that these names characterize the person, not the last name. Make a firm resolution i.e. one decides to perform a mitzvah such as putting on tefillin, keeping kosher, keeping Shabbos and performing good deeds for the benefit of another.

One declares, “Long live our master, our mentor and teacher, the King Moshiach, forever and ever!” and sends the request that reaches one of the volumes of the “Igrot Kodesh” as they were scanned on the Internet site. The software on site randomly and immediately responds with an answer. The request is sent to the system that responds immediately with an answer that should be studied upon receipt. For assistance and advice contact us or the Chabad center nearest you.

No. The “Igrot Kodesh” series is for anyone. In the event that a non-Jew submits a request, he/she should write the father’s name and not the mother’s.
Since this isn’t a test and the answer received depends upon the person submitting the request, coupled with the fact that the Rebbe is a true prophet, success is guaranteed. Failure to receive an answer is unheard of.
Yes. The Rebbe doesn’t differentiate between the religious and non-religious. A blessing is given regardless of affiliation.
In instances when an answer received isn’t clear one should get in touch with us via email, phone or just stop by. More information can be found here.
Yes. Privacy is guaranteed since no one receives the personal information, nor is the request stored once it’s sent. Furthermore, there’s no need to supply personal identification and as a result there’s no follow up.
The only thing to do is to carry out the contents of the letter, thereby resolving the problem. There’s no reason to be a penitent (even though such a step is recommended). It’s important for questions/requests to be meaningful in order for the answer to be meaningful. Questions such as “Will I win the lottery” or similar questions are unacceptable, because submitting such a letter is comparable to meeting a tzaddik (a very righteous person) in person.
Such a phenomenon is unknown. Perhaps the answer received wasn’t clear to the reader. It would therefore be suggestible to discuss the matter over the phone, via e-mail or by coming in to Beth Menachem.
No. The “Igrot Kodesh” online service is provided free of charge. On occasion the person submitting the request receives a blessing, as per the contents of the letter, in addition to a request to give charity. Any contribution will greatly help Beth Menachem keep providing this free service to hundreds of people.