For a long time, a group of friends where wandering from shul to shul, looking for a suitable location, a location they would truly feel at home. However, try as they might, there were no suitable locations. After much consideration, and a bracha from the Rebbe, these friends opened a cozy, and modest shul (synagogue) established with the teaching and philosophy of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Shlit’a. This shul is now known as Beth Menachem – The Rebbe’s House.

What was once a small shul for a number of friends to feel comfortable, wanted and at home, has now become a pillar in our community . The atmosphere and vibe is energizing. No one would ever think such a small location could have such a wondrous effect on the surrounding communities, such as a full course Shabbat meal – every Shabbat, Sunday morning breakfast, Tanya & Pizza on Thursday afternoons, hosting various farbrengens (Chassidic Gatherings) for auspicious days, bringing shluchim (young representatives) to help with outreach and much more.

So if your are ever in the area and need a minyan, an ear to listen, or just want to come by to say hello, we are always here to accept you into The Rebbe’s House, Jew and non-Jew alike.